24 Jul 2015

About Central Cars Nottingham

At Central Cars, we are always looking for new ways for improvement. We have now improved our service. We now use a call back system so that when our driver is a couple of minutes away, he/she can activate a call back from his date system. That means that our

22 Jul 2015

Central Cars

Central Cars have a wide range of vehicles. With over 200 vehicles, we can cater for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, stag and hen weekends. All of our drives at Central Cars are CRB checked and Vetted by Nottingham City Council. All of our driver have also completed their IVQ

09 Jul 2015

Central Cars – Group Bookings

At Central Cars, we have a wide range of vehicles to get your from one destination to the next. We also have a fleet of 8 and 16 seater mini-buses which are available for booking. Booking a mini-bus for a group of people is more economical that booking multiple taxis.

08 Jul 2015

About Central Cars

We now have over two hundred cars and twenty eight-seater minibuses. Recently purchasing two wheelchair access vehicles we now have capacity for up to three wheelchairs. With our wide range of vehicles, we cater for all our customers special occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, Stag and Hen Weekends. All of

06 Jul 2015

Executive Service

You can also take advantage of our range of chauffeur driven Executive Cars, if you are planning a trip to the theater or restaurant for a special occasion, birthday or anniversary and a taxi is not to your requirements our chauffeur driven vehicles will take you and your guests in