We at Central Cars know the importance of having a safe and comfortable journey. We have trained drivers who will keep you and your wheelchair safe, by way of a four point strapping system, complimented by two safety belts.

We have also put together a few day excursions, half day trips, and shopping outings, but if you have any other places you would like to go, or ideas in general, please give us a call.

8 Seater Minibus Configuration

3 Wheelchairs & 4 Seated

2 Wheelchair & 6 Seated

1 Wheelchair & 7 Seated

15 Seater Minibus configuration

5 Wheelchairs & 3 Seated

4 Wheelchairs & 5 Seated

3 Wheelchairs & 7 Seated

1 Wheelchair & 13 Seated

2 Wheelchairs & 12 Seated

Mobility Scooters Also Transported

Transport Sharing

We are trying to cut the cost of transport by encouraging two or three groups of people to share one journey. As well as meeting different people, you will also share the cost of the trip.

If you are interested, please let us know, and we will put you in touch with others who have made inquiries about the same trip.

This service is also part of our Wheelchair and Transport sharing initiative.

For any further quotes, please call Jeff on:
07791 853 755

Excursions – Day Trips (Return)

Rail Museum Yorks Free Entry & Guide £270.00
Belton House Lincs National Trust £170.00
Meadowhall Sheff’d Shopping Centre £170.00
Bullring Centre Bir’ham Shopping Centre £200.00
Blackpool Lancs Seaside Excursion £270.00
Skegness Lincs Seaside Excursion £220.00
Whitby Yorks Seaside Excursion £270.00
Bridlington Yorks Seaside Excursion £270.00
Dukeries Garden Centre £150.00

Half Day Trips (Each Way)

Matlock Bath Derbys Heights Abraham £60.00 (Each way)
Bolsover Castle Lincs English Heritage £60.00 (Each way)
Rufford Park Notts Country Park £50.00 (Each way)
Chatsworth Derbys Country House £60.00 (Each way)
Clumber Park Notts National Trust £60.00 (Each way)
Wollaton Park Notts Country House £25.00 (Each way)
Garden Centres TBC TBC TBC

Local Trips

Bilborough Local (within 2 miles) TBC
Bilborough to City hospital TBC
Bilborough to Nottingham TBC